Making India A Global Drone Hub

Making India A Global Drone Hub

Drone has emerged as a technology which ensures great surveillance from various angles when installed with cameras. And we are looking forward To Provide Best Class of Accessories and Parts Like Propeller guard, Gimbal Cap, ND filters, Hard Case, Flex Cable,Etc to boost the concept of Make India a Global Drone Hub By 2030. Drones can be used for various purposes like Filming, Keeping an eye on Wildlife, Police Surveillance, Land Mapping, Agriculture, Medical Transportation, Etc.

Action Camera Like Dji Osmo, Insta360, GoPro To Shoot best quality Content for your Travel Adventures, Vlogs And Reels By Providing the Best Quality and variety of Accessories Like Silicone Cover, ND filters, Tripods, Carrying Case, Etc.

Our Company GetZget Is Working On Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji's Making India A Global Drone Hub Make India A Global Drone Hub

He tried To convey a message regarding Making India A Global Drone Hub  By 2030 In his tweet on  He Said The new Drone Rules will tremendously help start-ups and our youth working in this sector. It will open up new possibilities for innovation & business. It will help leverage India’s strengths in innovation, technology & engineering to make India a drone hub.Modji Flying Drone

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